Creative Ireland Programme

Since 2017, the vision of the Creative Ireland Programme is to mainstream creativity in the life of the nation so that individually and collectively, in our personal lives and in our institutions, we can realise our full creative potential thereby promoting individual, community and national wellbeing.

The Creative Ireland Kerry programme, coordinated by the Kerry Arts Office, supports the county’s unique creative sector, while providing meaningful opportunities for citizens and local communities to engage with the sector, and developing pathways to enhanced creativity.

Central to the vision of the Creative Ireland Programme 2023–2027 is the belief that participation in cultural and creative activities promotes the wellbeing of the individual, the community and the nation. Working with community organisations, individuals, and partners to deliver creative projects that will enable our citizens to counteract isolation, create connections with the community, generate joy and above all enable all to realise their creative potential.

Recipients of the Creative Communities Grant Scheme 2024

Successful projects from 2023 include:
Píobairí sa Phluais/Pipers in the Cave, a concert of pipe music held in Valentia slate quarry.
Imagination Squad hosted by KDYS Castleisland, in which a group of children from rural east Kerry attended a series of creative workshops, to create a collaborative wall frieze, to display in their local community hall.
Coming Out, an exhibition held at K-FEST, aimed to foster empathy and create a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ experiences within the wider community.
Hidden Nature section of the Beyond World mural at Tralee Bay Wetlands, which aims to give people a greater understanding of the natural beauty in our ecosystems, to showcase the flora and fauna that exists in Tralee Bay and to encourage spending more time admiring and appreciating nature.
Bród as ár bPortach/Pride in our Peatlands, which saw member of the Kilcummin community engage with local artists to learn about biodiversity and the transient nature and culture of our bogs.

Creative Ireland Kerry Projects 2023



Group of musicians performing in a cave to an audience.

Píobairí sa Phluais/Pipers in the Cave 2023 (Photo: Valerie O’ Sullivan)