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Monserrat Benet Morella

Contact: Monserrat Benet Morella
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My artwork is about expressing myself to delete toxic habits.
The primary medium I use is Acrylic, allows me to focus on what is important to me. I use it over paper or canvas and I’ve been developing a mix media style that helps to get the results I need.
The themes I have been talking about the last 4 years in my paintings are: awareness of emotions, experiences with toxic and/or mental ill people, self-caring, self-growth, objective reality…basically dealing with difficult social interactions. My paintings are complex, abstract, intense and genuine.
Somehow when a painting is complete I feel like if I have said what I needed to say to myself, to other people. In some, I jump into the past and I change my reactions, this time I express my feelings helping me with colors and expressive figures, conveying my suffering and my learnings in life experience. That helps me to process and create milestones in shape of paintings.
In my art, I finally talk