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D’Ana O’Donoghue/Ross

Contact: D’Ana O’Donoghue/Ross
Ros Abu, Glenflesk Killarney Co. Kerry Killarney MD Professional No Unknown Mobile: (064) 7754257
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What inspires me to make art is the desire to create something out of nothing. When I was 9 years old I asked my father if I could make a stone sculpture like he did. I was delighted to be told yes, with images of hammers, chisels and angle grinders in my mind, so I was rather disappointed when I was handed a lump of red sandstone and a nail. But I did as I was told and after hours of scratching a face began to emerge. With these humble beginnings my love of creating began. Of finding images just hidden from view, in the minds eye. I find inspiration in the mythologies of the world, as these stories are a kind of collective “minds eye”, telling the history and ideals of humanity. Whether in stone or steel, paint or print, I find creating art a cathartic practice, one which allows my mind to quieten and my imagination to unfold.


Bachelor of Arts Degree from University College Dublin, specialising in History of Arts and Archaeology, graduated in 2003.